Because love should be the strength that moves us when teaching our students. And because sharing keeps us moving to reach them... Here you can find ressources I make for teaching English, mainly to children.

Jun 09

A worksheet where students have to cut the family words and paste them on the right lily-pad. You can choose the colour or the black & white version.


I've drawn the frogs myself to match my frogs in felt I used to tell the story The Frog Family. You can download the templates here.


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Jun 09

These are the templates of the frogs I made with felt to act out the story The Frog Family. In the last page you can see the photos of the final work.


You can see how I planned to work with this story here (written in Portuguese).


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Jun 09

A worksheet I've made to follow the story Where's Spot?, by Eric Carle. You can choose to work with page 2 or page 3. They are similar, but page 3 focus more on prepositions and is more suitable for older students, since they must be able to read and understand the sentences.


On page 2, students must:

  1. Follow the labyrinth to find what colour are the animals;
  2. Colour the animals;
  3. Cut the animals and paste on page 1, under the right picture (students must remember where are the animals hidden in the story).

On page 3, students must colour the animals and paste them in page 1, according to the sentences.


Since I didn't choose a colour for Spot (the dog in the story), I tell my students to colour it either the colour they want or the colour it is in the story.


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Mai 09

Este post é especialmente para os meus colegas que frequentaram comigo a Formação Online - 1º e 2º anos. Esta foi a apresentação de PowerPoint que usei na sessão presencial, onde descrevo as actividades que realizei, focando a história The Frog Family.


Vou depois também colocar aqui os moldes dos sapos em feltro, caso alguém se queira aventurar em costuras

Espero que vos seja útil. Obrigada a todos pelo feedback tão positivo  Qualquer coisa que precisem, comuniquem.


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Fev 09

I use these cards to play a game after telling the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?. I give a card to each student and I explain the game. During the game, the teacher says: "I see a brown bear." (a yellow duck, a green frog, etc.) and the students having that card must stand up and act like that animal, making its voice.


The game is very funny and students really love it! They learn to recognise the animals and the colours. You can be tricky and try to say a colour with an animal that isn't on any card (e.g. "yellow chicken") or say an animal with a different colour (e.g.: "purple horse"). This way you can see how much they are paying attention or how much they know about their card.


You can also say a colour and an animal which don't belong together in these cards, such as "brown horse" (because the horse is blue) and all the students having that colour and that animal must stand up and act like the animals. In the example given, all the students having the brown bear and the blue horse must stand up! Other idea is that, since that animal doesn't appear in the story, the students must be quiet.


I included a card for "children", but you can leave it out, because the students are already children (they don't have to have a card to pretend to be children). If you say "I see children." all the students must stand up and move around, acting like children. This can be a bit noisy, depending on your class!  Keep that in mind.


After you say all the animals, you can say to your students to exchange their cards with a classmate and start over, so that each student plays different animals.


These are just some ideas I've had to play with these cards. If you have any other ideas, please leave a comment! Thanks!


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Jan 09


This is a minibook I've made to my students after telling them the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, by Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle.

The students should colour the pictures in their minibook according to the colours of the story.




I've added the page numbers for the minibook and uploaded it again. It's in .pdf format.

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Dez 08

This is a very good story to teach days of the week or to introduce food.

I adapted the story, because the original would be too hard for my little students (I changed some language and changed some food items). I told them the story and then made a puppets play which was seen by the parents at the end of the year. The students built their own puppets for the story and had lots of fun.


I was the narrator of the puppets play, but it can also be a student.


After telling the story there are many activities you can make with your students. If you want some ideas, the following webpages are very helpful: DLTK and Teachingheart.


This is the text for the puppets play I performed with my students.



Nov 08

Pictures that can be useful to work with the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, by Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle. Pictures are from Kizclub and have .pdf extension (you need Acrobat Reader to download them). 


Black & White pictures


Coloured pictures


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Nov 08

An activity to do after telling the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, by Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle. Instructions are included on page 6. Briefly, the students have to organise the animals according to the story and then stick them in the squares, coloring them according to their colour in the story. This story is good for introducing colours and/or animals.


If you want to hear the author reading the story, click on this link (there are different versions from the story - the version in the link has a "teacher", but my book has a "monkey" instead). There is also a good song to learn with this story. Version 1 (with children singing and making gestures); Version 2 (different tune, with an adult as a model).



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